Evening Seminar No.1 with Novo Nordisk

On the 5th of October 2020, our students attended the very first Evening Seminar of this academic year. This is just the beginning of a series of Evening Seminars of which each has a different topic and guest speaker. The seminars are organised exclusively for our students and give them a unique opportunity to widen their knowledge, meet business representatives and build their own professional network.


Can Okar Novo Nordisk Evening Seminar 2020


Our first guest speaker was Mr. Can Okar, Head of Communications and Public Affairs at Novo Nordisk International Operations. During his seminar "How to Use Compelling Communication to Enhance Your Career", he shared techniques and strategies which can develop one’s career and personal brand, for example the SEXI technique.


Now our students have tough homework to work on as they start to apply for internship positions. They need to practice their public speaking skills and think carefully about how to communicate in order to get their message through to their audience. Mr. Okar not only instructed our students, but also inspired them to become better storytellers. We thank Mr. Okar for his insights and wish our students all the best when applying what they have learnt!


If your company would like to share its knowledge with our students, we would be happy to hear from you. Please contact: info_ecbm@business.uzh.ch