Key Features

Specialized Curriculum

International and Cross-Cultural Setting

This program includes advanced courses in international business management as well as in-depth study of European and Chinese markets from an institutional, economic and cultural perspective. At the very heart of our curriculum is an inter-cultural mindset. Graduates of this specialised program are trained to become managers of multinational companies.


Internationalized Learning

Lecturers from Top Universities

The international faculty featuring professors from top universities around the world offers students a unique opportunity to interact with lecturers from Oxford or Tsinghua while studying at the campus of the University of Zurich. The scholarly output is supplemented with diverse guest lectures from practitioners, as well as group work with students from various backgrounds.


Applied Knowledge and Skills

Focus on Applied Knowledge and Practical Experience

The combination of classroom learning and practical project/internship experience enables students to master a range of skills and research methods applicable to business situations both in  theory and practice. Graduates of this program are distinguished in particular by their ability to complete a practical project in a fully independent manner.


A Broad, Long-Lasting Network

Long-term network

The bonds in this course are not only formed between students of various nationalities, different educational backgrounds and working experiences, but also between students and faculty members, company representatives, and supervisors/mentors. These connections open doors to the future and create a long-lasting network maintained through our alumni.