Alumni Association

What is an Alumni?

An alumni of a school is a former student who has either attended or graduated from the institution. ECBM alumni are all the students who have graduated form the MAS European and Chinese Business Management, the CAS Chinese Business Management or the CAS European Business Management.


How can I join the ECBM Alumni Association?

Once you have graduated from one of our programs you are an alumni and as such you are eligible to become a member of the ECBM Alumni Association.

You can join the ECBM Alumni Association by completing the registration on the UZH Alumni Website.

When applying

Alumni Application

When you apply make sure to choose the free membership for the first year and select "European & Chinese Business Management.

The first year of your alumni membership is free, from the second year it will cost CHF 80.-



What does the Alumni Association?

The Alumni Association is an excellent place for networking. When you join the ECBM Alumi you can also join Alumni Chapters such as

Each chapter holds events, which you can join and get to know interesting people who have graduated from the University of Zurich.

To be part of the Alumni Association also brings many benefits.


What does the ECBM Alumni Association do?

  • Connects the current students to companies to do their internship
  • Holds events in Switzerland and China
  • Brings together former ECBM students from the different cohorts



Alumni ECBM Chair

Anastasia Arslan

Anastasia Arslan

Alumni ECBM Chair


Alumni ECBM Co-Chair

Sammi Liu

Sammi Chia Wen Liu

Alumni ECBM Co-Chair


Lovis Yang

李雄威 Li Xiongwei

Alumni ECBM Co-Chair (Beijing)


Impressions from the Homecoming Oec Alumni Event 2019