One Day with the CEO of Swarovski

Swarovski CEO Robert Buchbauer was the whole day with the students of the MAS European and Chinese Business Management.



On December 5th 2019 the class of European and Chinese Business Management had a pleasure to visit the Swarovski Headquarters in Männedorf, Switzerland. The unique chance of learning about the “Strategic Branding and Retailing” from Mr. Robert Buchbauer, was the highlight of the day.


Main Building
Swarovski Headquarter in Männedorf



Monika's Key take-aways


Monika is a student at the MAS European and Chinese Business Management 2019/20 and writes here what she learned during the company visit at Swarovski.





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Swarovski Cristals

The company founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski is the world leader in the field of crystal production. Perfection, excellent shape and unique shine of the crystals enchanted the greatest designers from the fashion industry such as: Stella McCartney, Versace, Oscar de la Renta and many others. With EUR 3.5 billion revenue and a worldwide presence Swarovski maintains its presence at the forefront of design, creativity and technological innovation.


Group Photo
Can't miss the Chance to take pictures with the CEO of Swarovski.



The Swarovski Shopping Experience

“Get the right place and get the place right” Swarovski has already 6 stores around the world which have implemented the new branding and retailing concept. The goal is to provide a unique shopping experience by using a new range of colors for the interior design, and applying the digital technology in augmented reality screens and wireless phone charging stations for even more enjoyable visit at Swarovski stores.


"Strategic Branding and Retailing" was the topic of the day. Presentation, Q&A and tour through the office and exhibition.



Brand Strategy

During the company visit we learned how a brand can stay competitive in the times when social media play a major role in marketing strategies, when celebrities are very often replaced by influencers, when millennials are one of the most important consumer groups in the fashion industry, and when Chinese market is “the” place to be for companies aiming to achieve an international success.


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Monika Oppeln-Bronikowska