MAS Coaches Meet & Greet

The MAS Coaching Program

The MAS Coaching Program pairs students from the MAS European and Chinese Business Management program with entrepreneurs and industry leaders in Switzerland. This Coaching Program is extremely effective for our students, enabling them to come in direct contact with seasoned executives and getting support for finding an internship position in Switzerland.
The MAS Coaches support the students throughout their application process, connecting them with the right people and coaching them throughout the internship if needed.


The MAS Coaches 2019


We are very proud to have so many amazing Coaches on board who are willing to support students with their experience in their various different fields and industries.

Our Coaches 2019 are:

  • Fatmir Bekiri – EMBA Alumnus (2016-2018), Roche Diagnostics International AG
  • Michelle Bantel, Accenture
  • Jeanine Boensel – EMBA Alumna (2017-2019), KV Business School Zurich
  • Gregor Conrad, LionRock Capital, Languard Partners
  • Alexander Frey, Bosch Power Tools Accessories
  • Rolf Gubler, Bank Julius Bär, Zurich
  • Ralph Halter, Acino
  • Marianne Hermann, Mammut Sports Group AG
  • Zhongquan Jack Jin Jack, ABB
  • Jonas Kasser, Bosch Switzerland
  • Carole Sägesser, TESTEX AG
  • Eric Schinzel, self-employed/retired. Until 2017: Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG
  • Felix Schenker, 3M (Minnesota, Mining, Manufacturing Company)
  • Katja Schönenberger – EMBA Alumna (2017-2019), Pro Juventute, Zürich
  • Stephanie Singer, Accenture AG
  • Mark Sterchi, Orbium (Accenture)
  • Hans-Jakob Strehler – EMBA Alumnus (2005-2007), Terra Vermessungen AG
  • Julia Trzicky– EMBA Alumna (2015-2017), UBS Business Solutions AG
  • Gabriela Ursprung – EMBA Alumna (2016-2018), Genossenschaft Migros Zürich
  • Nathalie Zihlmann – EMBA Alumna (2011-2013), Zurich Insurance Company Ltd.
  • Lukas Zihlmann – EMBA Alumnus (2005-2007), Reputation Institute

This event would not have been possible without Eric Schinzel, Head of MAS Coaches and Dr. Xinhua Wittmann, ECBM program director.


Many thanks also go to to Prof. He Zhiyi and Dr. Jean-Jaques de Dardel, both from Xinrui Business School, who warmly welcomed all participants at the event and reminded us that most memories are those of personal relationships and interactions, and less so the theories from books.

Building Teams


The Meet & Greet Event was the first meeting between the Coaches and the students. Those coaches who were present introduced themselves to the class, those who could not attend in person prepared a short text or video to give the students an impression of who they are, what they as a Coach can offer and what they expect from the students that they will coach. The relaxed atmosphere during the apéro in the Lichthof of the University of Zurich offered room for the students to talk with the Coaches and see who might be a good match.

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