Evening Seminar No.2 with Dectris

On the 29th of October, we had the pleasure to organize the second, this time entirely online, Evening Seminar with the representatives of Dectris. It has its HQ in Switzerland, subsidiaries in the US and, what is more, works with distributors in China. Dectris produce cameras, but not the usual ones - X-ray cameras! With the use of X-ray cameras, their clients are able to answer some important questions. How does it work? It’s all about making a picture. As you can see bones in the body, you can see atoms in materials. “Pictures” of atoms help you develop new drugs, make new materials, investigate how to repair old paintings and pieces of art, understand how volcano lava flows… The possibilities are endless!


evening seminar vol.2


During the presentation, called “A world of X-rays, a world of opportunities”, our guest speaker Dr. Dubravka Sisak Jung explained who Dectris customers are, how Dectris is acquiring new customers and revealed some insights about company’s plans for the future. Afterwards we had an interesting discussion with the Marketing and Sales Team representatives.

We would like to thank Dectris for a very interesting and educational evening.


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