A Company Visit to the Innovation Factory

Creaholic is a company with a radical dedication to innovation. They claim “Our breadth of industry know-how and practical skill enables us to draw inspiration from unexpected places and create unexpected solutions” and we had the opportunity to catch a glimpse at how professional inventors work.

Monika's impressions from the Visit


Monika is a student at the MAS European and Chinese Business Management 2019/20 and offers a few insights from the company visit at  Creaholic.


You cannot create without being ready to make mistakes

Mistakes are a natural element in the process of innovating and searching for new solutions. Successful people and good innovators make mistakes but never give up on their goals and targets. The most important thing is to learn from our mistakes and try not to repeat them in the future.



Love extreme conditions

“Only in the mouse trap is the cheese for free”. This means that in order to reach our goals and be successful we often need to go through hard times and face many obstacles. But we should also not forget that bad conditions can be good because they are bad for everybody including the competition. The moment we become a leader in a challenging market, we achieved what no one was able to do before.


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Dream, share your dream and follow your dream

Very often in the process of innovating, in the beginning we only have a dream. Then, we need to be able to sell this dream to our team and work together for a future success. We should also not be afraid of big dreams because only big dreams result in great innovations.




Not trying is a guaranteed miss

Sometimes people are so afraid of failing and making mistakes that they give up on ideas that could have been turned into a success. I learned that we should constantly try to work on our goals and not be afraid of the obstacles that might occur along the way.


Black Boxes


Aim to be the best, not just meet the industry benchmark

People often tend to think that the industry benchmark is the highest possible standard. From our visit to Creaholic I learned that we should always aim higher and set ourselves more and more challenging goals because “the sky is the limit”. Only in this way we can continue to innovate and stay focused on expanding our knowledge.




Only diverse teams can innovate

Creaholic employs people with various backgrounds: engineers, lawyers, economists, designers etc. I learned, that having a diverse team allows us to look at things from many different perspectives because each person brings along a different background and experience.





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