Offering a Practical Project

Practical Project

Within the framework of the Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in European and Chinese Business Management (ECBM) program, all students are required to complete a practical project in the form of applied research or internship in an international company/organization. Upon successful completion of the practical project, students obtain 4 ECTS, counting towards their final degree.



Quick Facts


4-6 months



Between January and April each year






Practical project, preferably but not necessarily with a Europe-China focus. Students should be supervised within the company.

They report their progress to the company and the MAS ECBM program.



No salary.

An alternative compensation in the form of covering accommodation, travel and/or meal expenses of the project team would be appreciated.


Other Expenditures

Time and supervision, adequate infrastructure/facilities.


Your benefit

Win a highly motivated (young) professional with cross-cultural expertise and with the prospect of winning a new, qualified employee for the future.



  1. You fill in the Practical Project Form and return it to us;
  2. We will link you with interested candidates for your selection;
  3. An agreement shall be signed between you, the student(s) and the program.



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