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European and Chinese Business Management

Important dates

The European and Chinese Business Management is now the European and Asian Business Management!

After 5 successful cohorts and one more in the making, the well known 'European and Chinese Business Management' Program at the University of Zurich is expanding.

Have a look around on our page and follow our LinkedIn account for the latest updates.


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MAS Study Program

Important dates


15.07.2021 Deadline MAS Thesis
30.07.2021 Deadline Internship/Practical Project Report
17.09.2021 Graduation Ceremony



15.09.21 Orientation Day
18.09.21 CV and Career Development workshop


Meet & Greet with MAS Mentors
21.09.21-26.01.22 Class Time
23.09.21 Optional Language Classes Begin
21.11-28.11.21 Holidays
18.12.21 ECBM Christmas Dinner
01.02.22 Chinese New Year Dinner
Starting from 1.02.22 (4-6 months) Practical Project / Internship Period
15.07.22 Deadline MAS Thesis
31.07.22 Deadline Internship Report
22.09.22 Graduation Ceremony