Offering a Practical Project

Practical Project

Within the framework of the University of Zurich's Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) in European and Chinese Business Management (ECBM) study program, all students are required to complete a practical project in the form of applied research or internship in an international company. Upon successful completion of the practical project, students obtain 4 ECTS, counting towards their final degree.

Practical Project Proposal Brochure (PDF, 1 MB)

Quick Facts

How does it work?

It all starts with your needs. If you have an interesting project, but too little human resources to realise it, this is where our ECBM students come in to the picture! They are excited to apply theory into practice while working on a practical project. Does your project have a China- Europe focus? Even better as this is the expertise area of our students. Nevertheless, this is not a necessary requirement for a practical project.


While working on the project work, our students are under the supervision of one of our ECBM faculty professors. They report their progress to you during pre-scheduled meetings. The number of meetings depends on your availability and the students' need to clarify any aspects of the practical project and your availability. We recommend at least 3 meetings between you and our students.


Your benefits

You get a detailed and customised report on the requested topic. You work with a team of 2-3 motivated young professionals with cross-cultural expertise. Our students have already gained at least one year of work experience, so they can understand the challenges that your business might encounter very well. They all speak fluent English, most of them speak Chinese and some know German/Swiss German.



Between February and May 2021



4-6 months





Your cost

The cost per project is CHF 2'500 and covers the fees for the supervision and the customised final report. The cost is subject to negotiation.



Next steps

  1. You fill in the Practical Project Form (below) and submit it online
  2. We will link you with interested candidates for your selection
  3. An agreement will be signed between you, our students and our ECBM study program
  4. The practical project can start!



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