The teaching staff is made up of instructors from the University of Zurich and the New Huadu Business School, of invited guests from other higher education institutions, and of specialists with practical experience in cooperation between Europe and China.


Ansari, Shahzad

Professor of Strategy and Innovation, Cambridge Judge Business School, University of Cambridge

Areas of expertise: Strategy and international business: institutional processes and diffusion of practices; social and environmental issues, technological and management innovations; value creation and new market development; offshoring and outsourcing, reputation management, and bottom-of-the-pyramid strategies.

Course: Management of European Multinational Corporations

Beschorner, Thomas

Professor of Business Ethics, Institute of Business Ethics, University of St. Gallen

Areas of expertise: business ethics, corporate social responsibility

Course: Business Ethics

Birchler, Urs

Professor (emeritus) of Banking, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich

Areas of expertise: banking, bank regulation, and information economics

Course: Financial Industry - Money and Banking

Eichenberger, Reiner

Professor of Public Finance, Department of Economics, University of Fribourg

Areas of expertise: theory of financial and economic policy, economic analysis of political process and political institutions, deregulation of politics, connection of economics and psychology

Course: European Business Environment, Government and Society

He, Zhiyi

Professor of New Huadu Business School, Chairman, Council of New Huadu Business School

Areas of expertise: strategic management, marketing, corporate social responsibility and succession of family business

Course: Perception of Science and Mindfulness Management

Hémous, David

Assistant Professor of Economics of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Department of Economics, University of Zurich

Areas of expertise: economic growth, innovation, international trade and environmental economics; in particular: role of innovation for climate change policies, the impact of automation on income distribution and the link between innovation and top income inequality

Course: Macroeconomics, Development Economics and Future Economics Systems

Hilb, Michael

Titular professor, University of Fribourg

Vice President, Group Strategy and Digital Business, DKSH

Areas of expertise: Digital Business, Business Development in Asia, Partnership Strategies

Course: Sino-European Partnership strategies

Lu, Zhiyang

Distinguished Professor of New Huadu Business School

Professor of Manufacturing Engineering, University of Southern California

Areas of expertise: collaborative design, innovative product development, manufacturing systems, concurrent engineering, knowledge-based expert system, AI-based machine learning technologies

Course: Innovation Management

Marasco, Anthony

Professor at New Academy of Fine Arts, Milano

Areas of expertise: Design History and Theory, Design, Business Design

Course: Business Design

Mölleney, Matthias

Director of the Center for Human Resources Management & Leadership, HWZ University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration

Areas of expertise: leadership, personnel management, development of personnel strategies

Course: Leadership and Human Resources Management

Mühlbacher, Hans

Professor of Business Administration and Council of the Department for Strategic Management, Marketing and Tourism, University of Innsbruck

Areas of expertise: strategy development, multicultural branding and marketing, new product development

Course: Marketing and Brand Management

Oesch, David

Associate Professor of Financial Accounting, Department of Business Administration, University of Zurich

Areas of expertise: financial accounting, corporate governance

Course: Financial Accounting

Qiao, Xuejun

Professor of New Huadu Business School

Areas of expertise: Human Resource Development, Developing Leadership Through Inner Growth, Entrepreneurs mindfulness cultivation, Chinese culture and enterprise management

Course: Chinese Culture and Enterprise Management

Ruch, Willibald

Professor of Psychology, Head of the Section Personality and Assessment, Department of Psychology, University of Zurich

Areas of expertise: personality psychology and assessment, positive psychology, humor, cheerfulness, dispositions towards laughter and ridicule

Course: Personality and Positive Psychology

Szepan, Marc
Lecturer at Saïd Business School and Oxford University
Areas of expertise: strategic management of global businesses, management of technology-intensive and digital businesses, business in China, and the aviation industry
Course: Chinese Culture and Enterprise Management
Vogt, Patrick

Owner and Managing Director of vogt media consulting

Areas of expertise: strategy, media and communication

Course: Strategic Management

Wagner, Alexander

Associate Professor of Finance, Department of Banking and Finance, University of Zurich

Areas of expertise: corporate and public governance, corporate finance, political economy and law, finance and regulation

Course: Corporate Finance

Wittmann, Xinhua

Managing Academic Director, Swiss Chinese Case Study Center, University of Zurich

Areas of expertise: trust-control nexus across cultures, international performance management, management for innovation, emerging markets, intercultural negotiation, executive training across national borders, China goes global, luxury goods management, motivation theory

Course: Case Studies on Challenges of European Firms doing Business in China

Teaching methods:

Apart from taught content, practical exercises, discussions, exchange of experience, group work, and case studies are applied.